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A time-series data store based on Apache Cassandra.

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High throughput

Newts is built upon Apache Cassandra, a write-optimized, linearly scalable distributed database; Easily grow storage or throughput by simply adding new nodes to the cluster.

Grouped access

It's common to collect, store, and retrieve groups of similar or related metrics, (think bytes in and bytes out, or 1, 5, and 15 minute load averages); Newts allows you to group metrics for more efficient storage and retrieval.

Search Enabled

Tag resources with arbitrary metadata, and easily locate them later using Lucene-compatible search queries.

Late aggregation

Many time-series solutions perform in-line, or batch computed aggregations of the entire dataset, even when the ratio of reads to writes is staggeringly small. Newts removes aggregation as a bottleneck to storage, and eliminates the wasted computation caused by unused aggregate values.