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Represents an OpenNMS node.


  • OnmsNode





assets: any = ...

the assets of the node

categories: Model.OnmsCategory[] = ...

the categories the node is in

createTime?: Moment

the time the node was created

foreignId?: string

the foreign ID of the node

foreignSource?: string

the foreign source of the node

id?: number

the node ID

ipInterfaces: Model.OnmsIpInterface[] = ...

the IP interfaces on this node

label?: string

the label (name) of the node

how the label was set

lastCapsdPoll?: Moment

the last time this node was provisioned

location?: string

the location of the node

netBiosDomain?: string

the NETBIOS/SMB domain for the node

netBiosName?: string

the NETBIOS/SMB name for the node

operatingSystem?: string

the operating system of the node

parent?: Model.OnmsNode

the parent of this node

snmpInterfaces: Model.OnmsSnmpInterface[] = ...

the SNMP interfaces on this node

sysContact?: string

the SNMP sysContact for the node

sysDescription?: string

the SNMP sysDescription of the node

sysLocation?: string

the SNMP sysLocation of the node

sysName?: string

the SNMP sysName of the node

sysObjectId?: string

the SNMP sysObjectId of the node

the type of node


  • get urlValue(): string

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