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OpenNMS.js - v2.5.0-SNAPSHOT



AlarmTypes: { 1: Model.OnmsAlarmType; 2: Model.OnmsAlarmType; 3: Model.OnmsAlarmType } = ...

Contains constant instances of all available alarm types.

Type declaration

CollectTypes: { COLLECT: Model.OnmsCollectType; DO_NOT_COLLECT: Model.OnmsCollectType; FORCE_COLLECT: Model.OnmsCollectType; FORCE_DO_NOT_COLLECT: Model.OnmsCollectType } = ...

Contains constant instances of all available collect types.

Type declaration

FeedbackTypes: { CORRECT: Model.OnmsSituationFeedbackType; CREATE_SITUATION: Model.OnmsSituationFeedbackType; FALSE_NEGATIVE: Model.OnmsSituationFeedbackType; FALSE_POSITIVE: Model.OnmsSituationFeedbackType } = ...

Contains constant instances of all feedback types.

Type declaration

ManagedTypes: { ALIAS: Model.OnmsManagedType; DELETED: Model.OnmsManagedType; FORCE_UNMANAGED: Model.OnmsManagedType; MANAGED: Model.OnmsManagedType; NOT_POLLED: Model.OnmsManagedType; REMOTE_ONLY: Model.OnmsManagedType; UNMANAGED: Model.OnmsManagedType } = ...

Contains constant instances of all managed types.

Type declaration

NodeLabelSources: { ADDRESS: Model.OnmsNodeLabelSource; HOSTNAME: Model.OnmsNodeLabelSource; NETBIOS: Model.OnmsNodeLabelSource; SYSNAME: Model.OnmsNodeLabelSource; UNKNOWN: Model.OnmsNodeLabelSource; USER: Model.OnmsNodeLabelSource } = ...

Contains constant instances of all available node label sources.

Type declaration

NodeTypes: { ACTIVE: Model.OnmsNodeType; DELETED: Model.OnmsNodeType; UNKNOWN: Model.OnmsNodeType } = ...

Contains constant instances of all node types.

Type declaration

Operators: { AND: API.Operator; OR: API.Operator } = ...

Contains constant instances of all operators.

Type declaration

PrimaryTypes: { NOT_ELIGIBLE: Model.OnmsPrimaryType; PRIMARY: Model.OnmsPrimaryType; SECONDARY: Model.OnmsPrimaryType } = ...

Contains constant instances of all primary SNMP types.

Type declaration

SearchPropertyTypes: { FLOAT: API.SearchPropertyType; INTEGER: API.SearchPropertyType; IP_ADDRESS: API.SearchPropertyType; LONG: API.SearchPropertyType; STRING: API.SearchPropertyType; TIMESTAMP: API.SearchPropertyType } = ...

Constant references to all search property types.

ServerTypes: { HORIZON: API.ServerType; MERIDIAN: API.ServerType } = ...

Contains constant instances of all server types.

Type declaration

ServiceStatusTypes: { DELETED: Model.OnmsServiceStatusType; FORCED_UNMANAGED: Model.OnmsServiceStatusType; MANAGED: Model.OnmsServiceStatusType; NOT_MONITORED: Model.OnmsServiceStatusType; REMOTELY_MONITORED: Model.OnmsServiceStatusType; RESCAN_TO_RESUME: Model.OnmsServiceStatusType; RESCAN_TO_SUSPEND: Model.OnmsServiceStatusType; UNMANAGED: Model.OnmsServiceStatusType } = ...

Contains constant instances of all service status types.

Type declaration

Severities: { CLEARED: Model.OnmsSeverity; CRITICAL: Model.OnmsSeverity; INDETERMINATE: Model.OnmsSeverity; MAJOR: Model.OnmsSeverity; MINOR: Model.OnmsSeverity; NORMAL: Model.OnmsSeverity; WARNING: Model.OnmsSeverity } = ...

Contains constant instances of all severities.

Type declaration

Contains constant instances of all SNMP status types.

Type declaration

TroubleTicketStates: { CANCELLED: Model.OnmsTroubleTicketState; CANCEL_FAILED: Model.OnmsTroubleTicketState; CANCEL_PENDING: Model.OnmsTroubleTicketState; CLOSED: Model.OnmsTroubleTicketState; CLOSE_FAILED: Model.OnmsTroubleTicketState; CLOSE_PENDING: Model.OnmsTroubleTicketState; CREATE_FAILED: Model.OnmsTroubleTicketState; CREATE_PENDING: Model.OnmsTroubleTicketState; OPEN: Model.OnmsTroubleTicketState; RESOLVED: Model.OnmsTroubleTicketState; RESOLVE_FAILED: Model.OnmsTroubleTicketState; RESOLVE_PENDING: Model.OnmsTroubleTicketState; UPDATE_FAILED: Model.OnmsTroubleTicketState; UPDATE_PENDING: Model.OnmsTroubleTicketState } = ...

Contains constant instances of all trouble ticket states.

Type declaration


Comparators: {} = ...

Contains constant instances of all available comparators.

Type declaration

Orders: { ASC: API.Order; DESC: API.Order } = ...

Constant references to all OrderBy types.

Type declaration


log: API.Logger = ...

The default logging implementation. Import a logger using:

import {log} from 'api/Logger';

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