Represents an OpenNMS event.


  • OnmsEvent




createTime?: Moment

when the event was created

description?: string

the description of is event

id?: number

the event ID

ipAddress?: Address6 | Address4

the interface associated with this event

label?: string

the label of this event as defined in the event configuration

location?: string

which location the event originated from

logMessage?: string

the log message of the event

nodeId?: number

the node's ID associated with this event

nodeLabel?: string

the node's label associated with this event

parameters?: Model.OnmsParm[]

the parameters emitted with this alarm's event

the service associated with the event

severity?: Model.OnmsSeverity

the severity of this event

source?: string

which subsystem the event came from

time?: Moment

when the event was received by OpenNMS

uei?: string

the UEI of this event



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